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As a firm, we are committed to our clients’ needs and building long-term beneficial relationship is our interest. Our teaming clients include individuals, service providers, bloggers, corporate entities, banking institutions, government institutions, schools, religious bodies etc.

To this end our core values include, professionalism, creativity, integrity, client’s satisfaction, providing clients with the quality legal practices within the bounds of the law. Our deep experience and professional training in our areas of practice makes us a team you can work with.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to intangible property or assets that your mind or your intellect creates. It refers to works of art, designs, symbols, images, names, ideas, songs, which may be used commercially. Intellectual rights includes copyright….Read More

Training & Enlightenment

One major area of our focus in on training and enlightenment of the internet community and the public at large on the subsistence of individual protectable rights within the internet and social media…. Read More

Service Providers Contract

A major area we concentrate our efforts is our critic of the service providers contract which both the content owners and users are exposed in the internet. We advise the users on signing the service provider’s contract …. Read More


Our team is equipped with capacity and experience to render advice and provide support services for protection of digital copyright. Through our corporate social responsibility we provide sensitization and enlightenment services …….Read More

Right Infringement Matters

We receive complaints of right infringement matters from our clients and follow up digital rights infringement matters on behalf of our clients. This is an area of practice that requires both experience and digital skill to handle……..Read More

Privacy Rights

As a firm it our responsibility to ensure enlightenment, protection and enforcement of the privacy rights of our clients. Privacy rights of an individual remains part to the rights accorded the individual under bot……Read More

Digital Right Management

The use of technology to protect copyrighted works to prevent copies from being distributed using computer or telecommunication networks. Examples of digital right management includes but not limited to IP authentication protocols……Read More

Asset Tracing

Asset tracing services helps litigants to locate with precision the asset of judgment debtors in order to effectuate execution. We utilize the various search wires and engines in locating assets needed to be traced under our portfolio and within the permissible range of the law..


Identity tracing service of our firm covers tracing the identity of an entity who hibernates under the cloud of the internet to perpetrate criminal offences and infractions, by filing the appropriate petitions to ……Read More

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